Tuesday, September 19, 2017

An Emmy For A Known Wife Beater And Child Abuser

Emmy For A Wife-Beater
As expected, Hollywood has showed everyone their true despotic colors after they failed several time to embarrass and even unseat the rightfully elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

After failing to provide a dent in the popularity of Trump among the legitimate American voters, film industry big wigs used the three-hour Emmy Awards as a venue to ridicule the President that soundly defeated Hollywood’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Emmy judges even tried to give the fledgling career of Alec Baldwin a boost by giving him the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series last 17 September for his turn on "Saturday Night Live" as Donald Trump.

What else can be expected from Baldwin who regularly beats his wife and called his daughter a “PIG” not a long time ago – more bitterness. He took aim at Trump during his acceptance speech.

Though his callout to Trump perhaps wasn't as scathing as his recurring impersonation on "SNL," it was still a zinger nonetheless.

"I supposed I should say at long last, Mr. President," Baldwin said. "Here is your Emmy!"

Maybe it is time for the Emmy awards to put this video on their screen as well and play it at SNL:

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