Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can PHL Adopt A "National Day of Unplugging"?

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Have you ever tried turning off your gadget for just a day and live for a while?

I know that you are now living with the expectation of constant and instant communication, which is the new ‘normal’ in social circles, but would it be so hard to just take a break from technology? Are Filipinos strong enough to break from the continuous attraction offered by technology?

Last 7-8 March 2014, a non-profit group called 'Reboot' launched the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging. It is an initiative to help people take a break from their always-on lifestyles. Participants were encouraged to put away their phones, tablets, laptops and other Internet-connected doodads from sunset to sundown for a digital sabbath.

While in the ‘technology withdrawal’ mode, time could be used for quiet reflection, communing with nature, reconnecting with family or friends, focusing on a project and even getting a rare, uninterrupted night's sleep.

"I think that people are overwhelmed. It's physically taken a toll on people," said Reboot's communications manager, Tanya Schevitz. "If you think you have to respond to everything all the time, that's an unrealistic expectation."

Participants were also encouraged to sign a pledge on the event's website and post a photo of themselves saying why they unplug. Some recent examples:
  1. " ... to focus on the faces in front of me."
  2. " ... to be open to the divine."
  3. " ... to connect."
The concept has not caught yet with Filipinos since the first unplugging day in 2010, but, hopefully, local and national groups can organize it in the future. If you are a sponsor for this event in the Philippines, when do you think is a good time to shut our dependence on electronic devices for just a day?

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