Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Developers Avoid Windows Phone?

Windows Phone
Have you ever wondered about the answer to this question?

Market numbers will show that the Windows Phone has made some impressive gains in terms of overall share in the past year. However, the number will also show that the there is still a huge app gap that Microsoft needs to fill before they can threaten iOS and Android.

The problem is that app developers are spurning Microsoft. One reason given by developers is that in order to install the WP8 SDK, they need have Windows 8 in their system. They claim that Windows 8 may look slick, but "it is not as good for productivity as Windows 7." In addition, developers must have a processor SLAT compatible.

On the other hand, those who developed apps for iOS and Android never needed the latest OS or Hardware updates to write their programs. This makes iOS and Android the top destinations
for up-and-coming developers who want to have the best chance of making money. Unless this technical problem is addressed, Microsoft doesn’t just need to worry about the hot apps it does not have right now but the hot apps it won't have a year from now.

The Next Web pointed out some new research from web browser Opera that shows us why Microsoft has had trouble attracting more developers to Windows Phone despite the platform’s impressive recent gains in market share. According to Opera’s mobile ad network that delivers 60 billion monthly page impressions to 425 million users, Windows Phone accounted for an astonishingly low 0.35 percent of all mobile ad revenues generated in the fourth quarter of 2014. But wait a minute! If you look at the Windows store right now, there are no Opera browser available, so this report is not that reliable, right?

Anyway, Microsoft is so determined to get more developers onto Windows Phone that it is now giving developers payouts of up to US$ 100,000 to bring their software over to the platform. Hopefully, new developers who are still unaware about the complexity of using the old and latest OS will bite into this challenge.

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