Monday, April 21, 2014

PLDT's Broken Broadband Cable

Slow Internet Connection
If you are using the broadband services of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Corporation, then you are in for a slow and irritating connection time from now until late April.

Several clients who have already bemoaned their woeful internet speeds for years now will have their ranks filled up after the Philippine telco company was hit by a slow-down after the reported breaks in two internet fiber lines in the Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN).

The telco company explained what’s happening in a post to Facebook late last week that says,
Dear HOME DSL/HOME Fibr Subscriber:

One of the major international undersea cable systems in the region -- the Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN) - recently suffered two fiber breaks in the areas between Taiwan-Japan and China-Korea. This has impacted on telecoms traffic in a large area of the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. As a result, this may affect your data service. The APCN consortium that manages the cable system is now undertaking repairs and expects to finish in mid-April.

In the meantime, we have re-routed voice and data traffic to two other international cable systems - the Asia-America Gateway and the Asia Submarine Cable Express.

We shall update you regarding further developments. Thank you for your patience.

The fiber breaks are at the bottom of the seas in areas between Taiwan and Japan, and China and Korea. It’s expected to disrupt internet connections and speeds in other countries on that fiber line as well.

Online posters are asking why the company did not maintain a 24/7 repair and maintenace service company, which is much more cheaper, than having to hire new services and equipment to handle repairs whenever it occurs?

Also, not a few were wondering what was the real cause the breaks in the fiber when it is cover with two braids of steel? Did the company used low-quality cables to the detriment of its clients? We'll never know.

Ironically, PLDT's has assured their new subscibers that "the future is here."

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