Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Twitter's Photo Tagging

Photo Tweet
On 26 March 2014, the social networking site Twitter added a feature of another social networking site in its array of features. Twitter users can now use the Facebook-style photo "tagging" and they can bumped up the number of images that iPhone users can share in a single post.

As many as 10 people in a single image can be "tagged" with names without eating into the 140-character limit to text messages posted at the service, which represents ways in which Twitter is slowly but surely moving beyond its traditional boundaries.

However, Twitter's definition of what constitutes a character has changed. Previously, tagging friends in photos posted to Twitter took up a lot of character space. For instance, the tweet: "Here's a pic of me hanging out with @friend1, @friend2, and @friend3! pic.twitter.com/aaaaaaaaaa" would be 92 characters, leaving just a little space to describe the picture. This is particularly annoying for bigger groups of people and made for clunky, ugly-looking tweets. With photo-tagging now in the background, those names no longer need to be in the text space.

Similarly, Twitter is allowing up to four photos per tweet and moves other would-be characters to the background. Previously, Twitter users could tweet more than one photo only by pasting several links from Twitpic or other photo services, taking up extra space.

Facebook has long allowed people to tag friends in pictures posted at the social network.

In any case, all these changes will just allow people to do more of what they love on Twitter. Photo-tagging and photo collages now join links to news stories that include a preview of the headline, byline, and lede.

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