Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Tallest LEGO Tower

Tallest LEGO Tower
For those who were born in the 70’s and 80’s, it is well-known that LEGO was the most popular and leading toy manufacturing company in that period. After 2002, though, sales dropped 40 percent in just two years.

In addition to the growing popularity of electronic toys and games, The LEGO Group racked up nearly US$ 1 billion in debt and came close to bankruptcy.

Yahoo Finance reported that after cutting the workforce by 1,000, reducing the production of pieces from 13,000 to 6,000 and a sudden increase in sales following the recession, LEGO net sales went up by 25 percent in 2011 to become the fourth-largest toy manufacturer in the world.

After the capping the amazing comeback with a hit, “The Lego Movie,” it is just proper that LEGO should also hit the books, the books of world records to be exact.

A LEGO tower stretching 36 meters into the sky above the Hungarian capital Budapest was just completed and has been certified as the world's tallest toy brick structure by Guinness World Records.

The exactly 34.76- meter (114 feet) tower beat the previous record holder, a 34.4-meter structure constructed last year with the help of U.S. students from a school in Delaware.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records confirmed that the tower qualified as the "tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks." He said the record was officially registered to Lego Store Budapest on 25 May 2014.

The Budapest tower, topped by a Rubik's cube – a Hungarian invention – was also built with the help of Hungarian primary school children, according to local news websites.

The structure, built in front of the city's St. Stephen's Basilica, used hundreds of thousands of blocks.

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