Thursday, September 17, 2015

Google Maps Update for Apple

Google Maps for Apple
It a known fact that there are millions of people using Google Maps and, as a result, it is now one of the most widely used mobile apps on the planet.

As the company did with Gmail, Google completely changed an industry by disrupting it with free mapping and voice-guided navigation. The 'disruption' changed the game and toppled industry leaders in the process. But as expected, Google isn’t satisfied with simply changing the game. Instead, the company continues to improve Google Maps while rivals chase at its heels.

Last 15 September, Google released another new update for the iPhone and iPad version of its popular Google Maps app.

Since so many people rely on Google Maps each and every day, updates to the app are a fairly big deal. And while some updates are more significant than others, the iPhone app update to Google Maps 4.10.1 has several nice additions including one that’s pretty great.

Here are today’s changes, listed from most significant to least significant:
  • See where you are going before you leave with a Street View thumbnail on the map (for address search or tap-and-hold on map)
  • View the custom maps you created using Google My Maps
  • Easily share your opinion about places you’ve been with an improved review-writing flow
  • New Google Maps logo
While that last one isn’t exactly a game-changer, simplifying the steps needed to check out Street View at your destination is a hugely useful feature that Google Maps fans are really going to enjoy.

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