Friday, January 22, 2016

Simply Not Good Enough for An Oscar Nomination

Oscar Snub
Many people of color took the misguided opportunity to lambast Academy members for failing to nominate a single non-white actor to the Oscar. However, these critics failed to mention that none of the films that they recommend are good enough to warrant attention.

Penelope Ann Miller, best known for "Carlito's Way" and "The Artist," is a member of the actors branch that could have nominated "Creed's" Michael B. Jordan, "Concussion's" Will Smith, "The Hateful Eight's" Samuel L. Jackson or "Beasts of No Nation's" Idris Elba. Miller did not for obvious reason.

"I voted for a number of black performers, and I was sorry they weren't nominated," she tells THR. "But to imply that this is because all of us are racists is extremely offensive. I don't want to be lumped into a category of being a racist because I'm certainly not and because I support and benefit from the talent of black people in this business. It was just an incredibly competitive year."

Miller, who is coming off of John Ridley's "American Crime" and is headed to Sundance with Nate Parker's slave drama "The Birth of a Nation," continues:

"I loved Beasts of No Nation, and I loved Idris Elba in it — I just think not enough people saw it, and that's sometimes what happens. Straight Outta Compton was a great film; I think it just lost some Academy members who are older. There were a lot of omissions of white people that I think were just as disappointing — I'm sure [Spotlight's] Michael Keaton is bummed, you know?"

Miller's observation was shared by most of the film bloggers. The general consensus include the following observation:
  1. "Creed's" Michael B. Jordan and "The Hateful Eight's" Samuel L. Jackson
    Neither of these two were nominated for a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award or an Oscar. Hard to argue that the Oscars snubbed a performance that nobody threw awards at.
  2. "Beasts of No Nation's" Idris Elba
    This was a Netflix-straight-to-streaming movie. It did a limited release in Los Angeles county for award eligibility, but it was not ever intended as a "ticket stub and popcorn under the flickering lights" type movie. The SAG and Golden Globes are inclusive of Television as well as Cinema, so they gave Idris consideration, but the Oscars are narrower in their focus. That said, "Beasts of No Nation" may have met the letter of the rules for Oscar consideration but it was nowhere near the spirit of the rules.
  3. "Concussion's" Will Smith
    There were seven actors who got nominations at the Golden Globes but not with the SAG. Among these are Will Smith, who did not get an Oscar Nomination as well as Matt Damon and Sylvester Stallone who did get an Oscar Nomination. Of important note is that Matt Damon and Sylvester Stallone both won the Golden Globe in their category, so it is hard to argue that Will Smith's nomination would be a better indicator of merit that Matt Damon's win.

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