Friday, June 17, 2016

Bill Maher's Explaining Jokes To SJW Idiots

Bill Maher
Last April 2015, comedian Bill Maher cracked a joke about how Zayn Malik from One Direction looks like now-convicted Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. This spiraled into outrage from the very few Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) Political Correctness (PC) police on Twitter who were looking to capitalize on the issue to promote their higher-than-thou principle.

But that's just what SJWs and PC police are known for ever since — stomps its feet and cries like a six-year-old being told "no" from his parents in the toy aisle. In some ways, online complain forums has basically become a 24-7 temper tantrum machine about how offended anonymous people are by ... everything and anything.

Unfortunately, for these misfits, Maher has a perfect response to them in his Real Time show. He unleashed one of the most funny reply in his segment called "Explaining Jokes To Idiots."

Maher was definitely on the offensive appropriately did not apologize because there is nothing to apologize at all. In fact, he puts "the PC police" on blast, along with the outrage machine that enables comedians from doing their thing.

Even if you don't like Maher, it's a great segment about how stupidly oversensitive public opinion has become in the social media age.

Here's another follow-up video to his previous segent:

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