Saturday, August 13, 2016


The market for paid blog posts is becoming more crowded and very competitive each day. It is not as if bloggers does not want that, in fact they do encourage that because they will get more quality services. Companies like PayPerPost created an innovative, albeit sometimes polemic, business model to connect advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers gain publicity, traffic and improve their search engine rankings. Bloggers, on the other hand, receive an extra opportunity to generate revenue from their website.

Aside from PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews and PayingPost, Blogvertise also wants to make a name for itself and provide both the advertisers and bloggers another alternative means to provide and supply paid opportunities.

What is Blogvertise? It is simply a website where bloggers can make some extra cash, by reviewing the advertiser's website. They are assigned tasks that they can accept or deny. These tasks involved going to a website, taking a look around, and writing a review about that site on their blog. Each task may have more specific instructions, but that is the over-all “gist” of the Blogvertise system.

The amount one can earn ranges from US$ 4.00 to US$ 25.00 for a 75-words minimum review with at least 3 links back to the reviewed site. Advertisers can also directly request the blog owner for an ad space if they like what they see. The terms of the agreement is subject to what the publisher and the advertiser can agree on.

In essence, Blogvertise acts as the mediator between advertisers and publishers and earns its keep after a certain percentage is deducted from the total amount of a single transaction. There is no pressure to make money though because a blogger can easily decline or accept an offer after it has been made.

To get an approval, a blog must be active and be at least 30 days old. Those sites that are less than 30 days old can get their approval once they meet all the requirements during the probationary period or until the cut-off date is reached.

Blogvertise is also most probably one of the first companies to employ the pay per post business model. A search across the Internet will reveal some lingering issues with the system and a few negative feedbacks about their service. For instance, even if they do have a vast array of advertising options, some of the requirements are problematic, such as the 3 outgoing links requirement. Secondly, many have been complaining about receiving late payments. Lastly, Blogvertise only pay members through PayPal and no option for a check payment.

To find out if a blog qualifies to join Blogvertise, check here. If a blog qualifies, owners can click here to register.

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