Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kat Von D Nailed The Diversity Coffin Hilariously

Kat Von D
Kat Von D is not really known as a comedian or a public debater, but when it comes to various mixture of make-ups she could be as funny as any stand-up. Even funnier when she nails the arguments of those who try to force her to join the diversity bandwagon.

The makeup mogul posted an image to Instagram showing her artistry team. Besides awesome makeup, all eight women on her team had one thing in common, they all came from various ancestry.

The problem is that there are some disgruntled armchair posters who could not hide their penchant to order everyone to follow their so called "politically correct" agenda. "Would be cool to see more ethnic diversity represented in the artistry team!" one woman commented.

Fortunately, Kat Von D was quick to clap back and putting the ignorant poster on her proper place by saying, "Diversity? We have American, Canadian, Dutch, Mexican, Australian, and Argentinian? Not sure what is lacking in 'diversity' here."

Kat got the point across, but the poster seemed unaware that she was just owned big time. She added, "cool! there are also amazing makeup artists with deeper skin tones out there too and it'd be awesome to see them included in the future. Not knocking these gals at all, they're all awesome at what they do! just hoping you can see where people of other skin tones/races may feel less included/not as represented."

Now to put the final nail in the coffin as the poster probably retreated with tails between her ... something, Kat posted:

"I'm sorry, but I don't judge or hire people based off of their skin tone. I don’t care if your black white or neon green — I select my crew by what’s on the inside."

She added, "Ps. Based on the comments left on this thread, no one has voiced feeling 'left out' or 'not being represented.' So I find it a bit strange that you (someone with a lighter tone) is trying to voice an issue on behalf of those you say may have a problem, when the reality is, that there is no problem. Don’t take this the wrong way, but the only reason I'm responding to you, is that I believe your sort of commenting is counterproductive to actual real issues out in the world today."


Let us get one thing straight. Kat is free to hire whoever she feels is best for her company, and she has a right to do so. And considering that the poster is neither a make-up expert nor a make-up artist, she could not be trusted to suggest anything other than what she would like to eat.

Also, since it is a fact that Kat's foundation range has a plethora of colors for people lighter than a brown paper bag means that it is what the market wants. If the poster wants to sell and cater to the needs of anyone with darker skin tone, then perhaps she is willing to used her own money before opening her mouth.

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