Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'Google Photos' Is Organizing Images

Google Photos
Google was reportedly rolling out a few updates new features to improve its Photos service a few months ago. Most notably, Photos now has a permanent search bar up top instead of the previous floating action button.

The idea is to emphasize search by making it more accessible; with one tap, you can see recent searches, search people, places, videos, collages and GIFs, or – of course – simply type what the user is looking for.

Previously the user have to click on the floating action button before initiating a search, and do a fair bit more scrolling to access the different search types.

Meanwhile, Photos now lets users customize automatically-created movies with music, photos and videos of their own choosing.

Finally, users also have a bit more control over their file system – Photos now lets them create, rename or delete folders, as well as copy and move photos between them.

The changes are rolling out to Android last 29 April. For iOS users, Google says the new design and features are "coming soon."

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