Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trolls Boost Sale of Trump Amazon Ornaments

Donald Trump supporters perusing for "Make America Great Again" holiday ornaments encountered some not-so-great reviews on Cyber Monday.

They're jokes, for the most part and hurt a product's rating, but it is making more people wanting to buy it.

For example, a Christmas tree ornament from promoting Trump's iconic slogan has a two-star rating out of a possible five, thanks to 90 one-star reviews left during the preceding five days.

Here are some of the comments:

"As soon as I hung it on my tree, it started insulting all the other ornaments," wrote one critic.

"My Christmas tree is leaning far, far to the right, to the point of tipping over and self-destructing," according to another commenter.

And yet another added, "Turns orange the higher you put it on the tree."

None of the 119 reviews is marked "verified purchase," meaning Amazon can't confirm that the person writing the review bought the item on the site. Unverified reviews are still posted because Amazon assumes that reviews of items purchased elsewhere have value to consumers.

"We feel like we make a great product, so it's frustrating to have negative reviews when people clearly haven't even seen the item," said Jeff Benzenberg, director of new development at eRetailing, which owns

Benzenberg isn't asking that the reviews be removed — he even finds some of them funny — but he wants Amazon to somehow note that they may be left by pranksters. More importantly, he likes what he sees in terms of generating sales and take outs.

Fans shopping for the president-elect's signature red hat or a campaign T-shirt finds it harder each day to purchase because supply has been scarce lately.

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