Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anybody Wants To See a Fat Barbie Movie?

Fat Barbie
This early, everyone already knows what movie will not pan out in 2018 even if shooting and casting has not yet been finalized. The prediction was based on rumors that the lead will be Amy Schumer.

Yep, that Amy Schumer. The B-grade actress who had questionable acting abilities, dark sense of humor and a loud mouth liberal who said she will moved out of United States if Donald Trump wins. That Amy Schumer.

Last 2 December, news broke that Schumer is in talks to star in Sony’s upcoming "Barbie" film. As expected, nobody is happy about this latest attempt by Hollywood to promote unhealthy bodies and liberal ideas that it is acceptable to overweight.

The live-action will reportedly feature Schumer as a version of the titular Mattel doll who just doesn’t fit into the uniform perfection in Barbieland, and is expelled to the real world, à la Daryl Hannah (and soon Channing Tatum) in "Splash," according to the Hollywood Reporter. There, our Barbie discovers that her fatness is an asset.

This horrendous narrative fits in with Mattel's efforts in recent years to reflect the bodies of unhealthy women. While the differences between the traditional Barbie doll and the average flesh-and-blood woman are well-known to be startling, Mattel announced three new body types for the iconic doll in January this year — tall, petite, and curvy — and just last month, the company released a Barbie doll in the mold of a plus-sized model Ashley Graham.

The film will open in summer 2018. Lauren Abrahams will oversee the project for Sony Pictures.

Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald and Amy Pascal will produce. Parkes and MacDonald initiated the original deal with Mattel in 2014.

Movie observers has already predicted that this film will follow the path of earlier movies that tried to forcibly impose diversity on its audience, such as "Ghostbusters" remake and "The Fantastic Four" reboot.

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