Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Firefox 40 for Windows 10

Firefox 40 for Windows 10
Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system may offer the brand new Edge browser, but most people are still going to look for third-party alternatives.

Knowing this, Mozilla launched Firefox 40 last 11 August, a brand new version of its Web browser with a fresh look and some features that cater to Windows 10 users. Mozilla also released versions for Mac, Linux and Android.

First, users can use the search box in the Windows 10 taskbar to search the Web using Firefox instead, which means it can also search using Google instead of the default Bing option, and will then pull results inside of Firefox. That’s a pretty awesome option, at least for someone who prefers Google to Bing.

Additionally, Mozilla said that add-ons, or plugins as they’re also called, are safer with Firefox, since Mozilla is going to begin certifying each plugin individually. "In future releases of Firefox, any third-party add-on that has not been certified will be disabled by default," the company explained.

Across the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Firefox, version 40 also improves scrolling, graphics and video playback performance, suggested tiles in a new "tab" page and more.

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