Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nostalgic Reunion During a Gotham Tribute

Those who grew up in the 1990's and followed the movies should be happy to see that Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke were briefly reunited at the Gotham Awards last 28 November. This happened 22 years after they co-starred together in "Reality Bites."

The stars served everyone a healthy dose of "new wave" nostalgia at the New York City awards show honoring indie filmmaking. Hawke, 46, received a special award for his career, a Gotham Tribute, and 45-year-old Ryder, his co-star back in 1994, was on hand to present it at the star-studded Cipriani Wall Street bash.

According to Deadline, Ryder was "emotional" during her tribute to Hawke and it included a friendly congratulatory kiss.

Gotham Awards
It was not a Lelaina and Troy kiss, but c'est la vie. (He’s been married to his wife, Ryan, since 2008 anyway.)

The audience at the awards show enjoyed the '90s reunion as much as everyone did. "Jessica Jones" star Krysten Ritter posted a (grainy) photo of the pair, writing, "Dear young Krysten, when you grow up you will be in the same room as Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke. Bye," along with a few crying emojis.

Ryder and Hawke have maintained a sweet friendship over the years. Over the weekend, she attended a screening of his film "Born to Be Blue" and praised his work, telling Variety that he is "unparalleled in his vulnerability and intimacy as an actor." In 2004, she stepped out to support him in "Before Sunset" — the "Before Sunrise" sequel.

Ethan talked about how Ryder gave him his break in "Reality Bites" during a 2014 interview on "IMDb: What to Watch." While he had already appeared in "Dead Poets Society" four years earlier, filmmakers weren't eager to take a chance on him.

Reality Bites
"At the time, Winona was as hot as — she was BeyoncĂ©," he said. "She was working with Scorsese. Everything she did was a huge hit and critically acclaimed."

He continued, "At that moment, I was feeling a little passĂ©. It happens in an actor's life — you constantly are going out of fashion. I was the kid in Dead Poets Society that didn’t really pan out. I was the kid from Explorers that didn’t really pan out ... But Winona liked me. So she fought to get me this job in this movie that was really interesting. It was the whole Gen X thing. Slacker was just coming out. Doug Coupland’s book. Nirvana. My whole generation was kind of finding itself."

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